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  1.    My husband loves to go Stripper fishing with live bait. In the large fresh water lakes where we live. There are few options for live bait.  So, you have to catch your own.
    We arrive at the lake before dawn to catch live bait. This is the best time to catch live bait. Using a bait cast net and a green fishing light. Green fishing lights attract both game and bait fish better than any other color of light. We normally use a 4ft. long

    Has anyone ever tried to make a slideshow of your product pictures? I have and it is not very easy. While trying to do just that about a week ago. I came across a program on my computer call "Movie Maker". I decided to try it. I uploaded a series of product pictures.  While searching around through Movie Maker I discovered several diferent options. You can add a Title for example.
    I decided on "Fishing Waders Pro Presents: Caddis Fishing Wader" for my first one.
  4. NEW Requirements for Turkey Hunters
    SOCIAL CIRCLE, Ga. (3/1/2016)

    Planning on getting a gobbler this year? Hunters heading to the woods for the upcoming turkey season will have something new to remember, the reporting of all harvested turkeys, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division.

    All turkey hunters, including those under 16 years of age, landowners, honorary, lifetime, and sportsman license holders, must obtain a free harvest record each season.

  5. Going On A Fishing Charter
       Going on A Fishing Charter is now one of the most popular ways to enjoy fishing. Charter Fishing is really popular with a steady flow people already. Weather you salt water of fresh water fish a fishing charter can be enjoyed by the whole family. First introduced in the late 1700s fishing charters has reached its level of popularity to the extent that even young kids are enthralled to join such an activity.
    Fishing charters are a fun and enjoyable way to spend time with family and friends Plan a charter for all of them and experience the thrill and excitement of watching a school of fish run after your baits.
  6. Just as with any other sport, the equipment you use when fly fishing can be very important.  There are various types of equipment that you need when you undertake fly fishing, and be some of it can get quite expensive, but does not have to be. Fishing Waders Pro pride ourselves on providing our customer with quality brand named products at affordable prices.
    Of course, you’ll need a


    The natural resources and recreational opportunities found in Georgia are among the best in the nation and residents enjoy some of the lowest hunting and fishing license prices in the Southeast, as well as the country.

  8. When you are looking for boating accessories, you may become overwhelmed at the amount of products that are available. Are you wondering just what kinds of boating accessories you really need? The truth is that answer is really up to you.

    To begin with, you need to make sure that your boating accessories include all of the required equipment as outlined by the United States Coast Guard. Those boating accessories include:

    * Fire extinguishers

    * Life jackets for each person on board

    * A sound device like a foghorn, a whistle, or a bell

    *Adequate lighting for night boating and night fishing lights.

  9. When you go fishing in different places in the U. S. you will see many different types of lakes and rivers. Each body of water has its own characteristics but they also have a lot

    of things in common. And that is where the lakes and rivers in Central Florida are different. It is known that Central Florida is famous for Bass Fishing. They have the best lakes in Florida

    because they have the finest largemouth bass any other lakes could give.

  10. Waders can be both a luxury and a necessity. How are Waders sized? What kind of materials are waders available in? What are the different styles of Waders?    

       Waders are sized several different ways.
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    Here at Fishing Waders Pro We Have Great Holiday Sales Specials On All Of Our Products.  Discounted 15% To 20% Off 
    Fishing Waders For

  12. The premier destination for outdoor enthusiasts just like you!

    OutdoorMash.Com is your portal to all things that are outdoor related. Whether its meeting new outdoor enthusiast’s or buying and selling in our outdoor marketplace, OutdoorMash is the place to be! Outdoormash is for all outdoor enthusiasts, covering every outdoor activity.

  13. Storing and cleaning your fishing waders properly is the best and easiest way to make them last for years. It's simple and easy to do (especially once you get in the habit of it), and will save you a ton of money long term. Fishing Waders will last for years if they're stored and cleaned properly. If not stored and cleaned properly then be prepared to have to buy a new pair of waders every few years, and no one wants to have to do that. Packing or storing your waders wet may result in mildew and tape peeling.

  14. In the late 1990's my family and I move to the Jackson Lake area. Purchasing a home and property not far from the lake. This was just perfect for us. Sharing a love for fishing and the great outdoors. Bringing with us our first boat. We soon settle into our new home and began thinking of going fishing on Jackson Lake. We discovered a number of boat docks in the area where we could launch our boat.

    Jackson Lake is a beautiful fresh water man made lake with a lot to offer not just fishing and boating but, to enjoy the great outdoors.

  15.    Here are some kid fishing tips for adults. Make it a general outdoor adventure. Based on the kids ages you should take some time to talk to them about the outdoors, identify different plants,animals,insects,birds,flowers. Always express safety first. Make it fun and adventurous so they will want to go again and again.

  16. I know it's that time again. As 2013 comes to a close. It's time if you haven’t already to make those New Years Resolutions.

    One of the top resolutions made is to Lose Weight. Statics show the average person gains between 3 to 5 pounds during the holidays. I don't know about you but, I think that's a little on the low side, for me anyway.

  17. Fishing Waders Pro has created a New Links To Share Page On Our Blog.

    We like to share what we believe are useful links to all kinds of different things. Here you will find a number of those links that you may access for free.

    Be sure to check back often. Because we will be updated our list often. If you have a useful link you would like to share with us to add to our list. Please fill out the contact form and we will consider adding your link.

  18. Its That Time Of Year Again. The Holiday Sales Have Started. Visit us on-line at Fishing Waders Pro  We Are Dropping Prices and even Offering Free Shipping. Fishing Waders Starting As Low As $69.99 A Pair.  

    Green Fishing Lights can draw Bait Fish and Game Fish in fresh water and salt water.

  19. Its That Time Of Year Again. The Holiday Sales Have Started. Visit us on-line at Fishing Waders Pro  We Are Dropping Prices and even Offering Free Shipping. Fishing Waders Starting As Low As $69.99 A Pair.  

    Caddis Fly Fishing Waders made of top quality Breathable, Neoprene, Waterproof Rubber Materials.

  20. Fishing Light Colors: Which Color Is Better?

       Fishing Lights are available in three primary colors: White, Green and Blue. Why White, Green and Blue? And which color is better? Anglers has spent years studying how lights attract fish. And discovered white and green wavelengths of light are most attractive to plankton.

  21. Fishing Waders Pro was founded in 2010 and is dedicated to providing our customer with quality brand name Fishing Products
  22. Welcome to Newsletter.  Sign-up today to receive the lastest News. Tips, Product Reviews, Sales Specials and more. 
    As our way of Thank You to our visitors. We are now offering Free Downloads of the lastest Articles, Ebooks, Video, and more.  Our second of many to come Free Downloads! 

    " How Waders Keep You Warm and Dry" 

       Wearing the proper waders for the location and season can make all the difference.

  23. Welcome to Newsletter.  Sign-up today to receive the lastest News. Tips, Product Reviews, Sales Specials and more. 
    As our way of Thank You to our visitors. We are now offering Free Downloads of the lastest Articles, Ebooks, Video, and more.  Our first of many to come Free Downloads! 

    " How To Pick Good Waders" 

         More and more anglers are buying Fishing Waders as the spring fishing season begins.

  24. The brief Georgia winter provides a great opportunity to get excellent results for crappie fishing, and several reservoirs across the state offer rewards for anglers willing to brave the bitter cold temperatures.

    “Crappie fishing brings a lot of action, which means it is an excellent time to engage the entire family or to introduce someone new to the fun aspect of the sport,” said John Biagi, chief of fisheries management for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division.

  25. We Growing Again!! Fishing Waders Pro has added even more products. We have revised and added more products to our Fishing Accessories and Wade Right Belt Categories.

    In Our Fishing Accessories/

  26. Fishing Waders Pro is proud to introduce New Hydro Glow Fishing Lights!! We Have Added Three New Hydro Glow Fishing Lights to Our Products.

  27. Fishing Waders Pro is proud to announce the addition of Penn, Okuma and Shimano Rod and Reel combos. We have everything you need for your next great adventure. Just add water.

    Visit us at: to view our Featured Items section for our latest specials.

  28. Fishing Waders Pro Safe Wading Tips.

    Wade with caution. Wade with care.

    Always keep these two rules in mind when wading in any body of water. There are obvious and not so obvious dangers inherent with wading. Following these tips will help you experience a safe and enjoyable trip.

    Use a wading staff to feel the bottom before stepping. Never wade alone.

  29. Fishing Waders Pro is proud to announce the addition of the Wade Right Belt to our product line.  Get yourself a WADE Right and dunk your lures not you reels!! 

  30. Fishing Waders Pro is proud to annouce the addition of Zoom Plastic Worms to our product line.  Thirty years later...........Bass still love them, and you will love the selection of Zoom we carry.
    We offer the most popular colors. Black, Blue, Junebug and more. 

  31.  Fall Fishing Season in Georgia is upon us. The weather has started to change. Mornings are cooler and days are not reaching into the nineties. This is time to get out and enjoy fishing and the great outdoors.

    A number of species of fish are still in the excellent to good range for fishing this time of year. Starting with Largemouth Bass are in the good range mid.-September and the excellent range through the month of October.

  32.  Information is now available through the Georgia DNR for Trout Fishing in Georgia! Visit  for Introduction. Maps by county, Regulations and more.


  33. Fishing Games- Bass Fishing Games Join the fun and play free fishing games online at 
  34. Fishing Waders Pro is proud to announce that Neoprene Waders & Caddis Waders are now available. Visit us at to view our selection.

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  37. Fishing Waders Pro is proud to announce the addition of Rubber Boot Wellies to our products. We now Offer Pro
    Line Manufacturing White pvc rubber boots, Servus Footwear Co. Utilities boots and black knee boots. Follow link below to view selection.



  38. Fishing in Georgia

       Georgia offers fisherman some of the most unique opportunities in the southeast. Georgia has more than 500,000 acres of lakes and 12,000 miles of rivers and streams. 

        The Georgia Department of Natural Resources now offers details on 31 reservoirs and 18 rivers including maps, boat ramps, species specific techniques, contact information and more.  

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