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Eco-Friendly Product Reviews

I changed from using name brand products for cleaning and laundry
to more eco-friendly products. Because I wanted something safer
for my home, family and the enviroment. I will review the difference
between the name brands and the new Eco-Friendly products.
I am now using. You know I never thought anything
about the name brand products and the chemicals they contain.
I just use them and washed it down the drain.  Tough & Tender
How safe they were for my family, home and the environment.

The first product is Tough & Tender All Purpose Cleaner.
Eco-Friendly. Safe for you, your family and the environment
100 % Biodegradable. I previously used name brand products like
409, Fantastik and Clorox Clean Up. The smell and the chemicals
they contain was terrible. Tough & Tender cleans better than the
name brand products. It has a light pleasant scent, not the
heavy chemical smell from the of the name brand products.

The Second Product is Tub & Tile Bathroom Cleaner.
I previous used Clorox Clean Up, Comet and Grease Lighting.
These products smelled horrible and often when cleaning, 
I would become overwhelmed from the smell.     TUB & TILE
Start coughing and have to stop cleaning and leave the bathroom.
Tub & Tile is an eco-friendly product made from all-natural ingredients,
safe for you, your family and the environment. It cleans wonderfully with a great smell.  

The Third Product is Sol-u-Mel stain remover.  Previously I used Spray n Wash.
It did not always work very well. Often leaving behind grease and the stain. 
Sol-u-Mel is another eco-friendly product. It will clean your most ground in stain
imageable. I really wish I had taken a before and after picture of the pair of
blue jeans. I sprayed with Sol-u-Mel before washing. No soaking, no rubbing,
just sprayand put in the washer. The jeans came out perfect. No ground in stain.

This company is making a difference and you can to. Have you ever thought about
how many millions of gallons of chemicals just from household products goes into
our waterways every day. Changing to these eco-friendly products has been the best thing
I have ever done. The products are concentrated 2x, 6x or even 12x times
the products you purchase in the store. Making them even more economical
and a great way to save money. Stay tuned. As I try more eco-friendly products.
I will do more product reviews.   

Until Next Time,
Sarah Stewart 
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