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In the late 1990's my family and I move to the Jackson Lake area. Purchasing a home and property not far from the lake. This was just perfect for us. Sharing a love for fishing and the great outdoors. Bringing with us our first boat. We soon settle into our new home and began thinking of going fishing on Jackson Lake. We discovered a number of boat docks in the area where we could launch our boat.

Jackson Lake is a beautiful fresh water man made lake with a lot to offer not just fishing and boating but, to enjoy the great outdoors. We have explored just about every nook and cove on the lake. At least we though we had. Every time we visit to go fishing is a new experience. We have caught a variety of fish in a number a different fish species. Everything from Crappie, Brim, Blue Gill, Catfish, Bass and Stripper. Just sitting out on the lake in our boat enjoying the water is one of our favorite was to spend quality time not only together but, with friends and family also.

As the years have past we had develop a routine for how to prepare to go fishing. Each time we go fishing. First we check all of our tackle, rod reels combos, inspect our fishing lines for breakage. Don't want to loss that big fish to a brittle line breaking. We make sure to check our life preservers and that we have one for every person in the boat. We even take along a extra one to two just in case. We often take others and sometimes children with us. Never go alone. Let someone know where you are going to be and what time you plan to return. Take a friend or family member with you. We always include a First Aid kit. We make sure we have a valid fishing license. Take a small cooler along for cold drinks. Either soda and or water. If fishing in the hot summer time water and or Gatorade are best when out in the heat.

Before loading our boat we inspect it to. Make sure it is in proper working order and clean. Cleaning your boat after each fishing trip is very important to prevent aquatic hitch hikers and invasive species from our water ways. We check weather conditions the days before and the day of our trip. We make sure we are dress properly for the climate. We fish at different times of year. Sometimes it's cold but most of time it is warm or hot weather.

Early morning starting in the spring are the best times to go fishing on Jackson Lake. Crappie, Bass and Stripper fishing are the most popular this time of year. Crappie are getting ready to spawn along with a number of other fresh water species. Your state department of natural resources is one of the best places to obtain information at different times of year on what type of fishing is best. Also the current regulations, different species, what the limits are for each species and wells as size limits.

In conclusion. Always remember to put Safety First. Preparing and check all your equipment before hand will make for a safer and more enjoyable trip. This time of year is one of the best times to get out and enjoy fishing and other outdoor activities. Visit us on-line at: to view all our fishing products to upgrade your fishing gear this spring.

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