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Fishing Waders Pro is proud to introduce New Hydro Glow Fishing Lights!! We Have Added Three New Hydro Glow Fishing Lights to Our Products.

Introducing The New Hydro Glow DM260. 4' LED, 120V, GREEN OR BLUE. The DM260 is our “ Dock Mounted “ model of fishing lights. The DM260 mounts directly to the dock a few feet above the water line. The light is completely waterproof so occasional submersion will not damage the light. This style light is made to illuminate a large area around the dock. The light should attract various types of bait fish as well as game fish. The DM260 comes in both blue and green color, however, the green color is recommended for those who want to attract more fish. The blue color emits a cool, softer, and pleasing look around the dock at night. The DM260 is design for easy installation. It comes with 2 clips and 2 stainless steel screws. The clips are attached to the dock and the light easily slides into the clips. The light can then be rotated to direct the light in the desired direction. With the light mounted above the water, maintenance is easy. Just wipe the light with a damp cloth to remove dirt and debris. An anti-corrosive should be added as needed in saltwater environments.

Introducing The New HG-DDL Deep Dock. 120V, 30' CORD, GREEN OR BLUE. Under water lighting has never so cool and easy. Just anchor the light to the bottom right out in front of your dock, simply plug right into any approved GFCI recepticle and enjoy night after night of fishing fun or just enjoy the marine life.

Introducing The New Hydro Glow FL 30 Flood Light. LED, 30W, 12V. What we have set out to do is provide high quality efficient lighting that allows you to leave the generator on the dock! We utilize high efficient, daylight white LEDs to provide all the light needed to see more fish. ​ 30w, 12v model, waterproof, only 2.5 amps and is easily mounted to the rails or bow of your boat.

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