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Just as with any other sport, the equipment you use when fly fishing can be very important.  There are various types of equipment that you need when you undertake fly fishing, and be some of it can get quite expensive, but does not have to be. Fishing Waders Pro pride ourselves on providing our customer with quality brand named products at affordable prices.
Of course, you’ll need a rod and reel.  What type of rod you choose depends on the type of fish you will be angling for.  Fly rods are ranked according to their net weight capabilities (nwt).  The nwt number will tell you what type of fish you will be able to catch.  Fish that weigh 8 pounds will require at least an 8 nwt rod, etc.   The larger the nwt number, the larger fish you can catch.  Some rods are multi-rated (e.g. 7-9 nwt).  These rods are good to use because they can accommodate a variety of fish, but multi-rated rods tend to be less flexible than single rated rods. 
Rods are made of fiberglass, graphite, or bamboo.  Fiberglass rods are durable and less expensive.  Fiberglass rods are best for beginning fly fishermen. Graphite rods are lighter and will give you more fighting weight when it comes to landing a fish.  Bamboo rods are extremely strong and are suited to a more laid-back casting style.  Your fly line will need to match the nwt of your rod.  If you have an 8 nwt rod, you’ll need to use an 8 nwt line. Some lines are specially designed for freshwater, saltwater, etc. You will also need to have a durable net that you can carry with you.  
You will also need a good quality pair of Fishing Waders. Knowing how to pick good waders depends on several different factors. As a result it's important to realize that size and material are two of the most important features for picking good waders. A little measuring and research should help you to know how to pick good waders.  Waders are sized several different ways. Fishing Waders come in different styles that are measured by height. The most important component when choosing a size is your shoe size. If you wear a size 12, then select a size 12 when selecting a boot-foot wader. It's important to realize waders are designed oversized to fit over clothes. Waders are available in several different materials. Selecting the proper material depends on climate conditions. Neoprene Waders made of a synthetic rubber, are excellent fly fishing waders for cold weather. Breathable Waders are made to keep water out and allow an anglers body heat and sweat to escape. Hip Waders are only hip high, with built in boots, these are good for low rising streams and warmer weather. 
Each style of waders comes in a variety of sizes and material. Stocking Foot Waders are the lightest, easiest to store & easier to put on than boot foot waders. Chest Waders are by far the most popular. Hip Waders are good for low rising water and warmer climates. Rubber Chest Waders are great for working in just about in any wet environment.
Having the right fly fishing equipment is important for both the beginner as well as the experienced angler.  As you get better and better at the sport, you will begin to see how important having good equipment can be.  You can always upgrade, so it’s good to start out small and work your way up to the more expensive stuff.  Your fly fishing equipment can make a world of difference between landing that big fish or catching an ordinary one.
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