How To Write A Press Release
Easy Press Release Writer

Now 50% Off.

Why pay someone to write you a perfectly formatted press release when you can do it yourself?

But the fact is most press release writers have a guideline to go by, so just like me you probably always turn to the expert, right?

After years of hiring press release writers I finally discovered a way to do it myself, but I needed a system that would allow me to write and produce presses releases in a snap. 
That's where the development of Easy Press Release Writer came from.

Easy Press Release Writer is incredibly easy to use,
the software asks you a series of questions, and once you've completed the steps the software generates a professional looking press release in HTML and rich text format.

Just fill in the blanks as you go along, and you'll have a ready to go press release in minutes!

What This Amazing Software Does:

Generates Press Releases On The Fly!
Guides You Through The Steps For Writing That Perfect Press Release!
Generates A HTML and Plain Text Version Of Your Press Release!
Saves You Time, and Saves You Money!


Normally for such a piece of software that will help automate the process I would charge $50, but for a very limited time you can download this software for $19.99.
Only $9.99!! We Have Now Reduced Our Price By 50%
No Sign-Up Required, Instant Download. "Easiest Thing I Have Ever Done."  "Best Money I Have Ever Spent."

I honestly don't know how long I can offer this software at such a crazy price! Snap up this offer now before I come to my senses!

To Your Success,
Sarah Stewart

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