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   My husband loves to go Stripper fishing with live bait. In the large fresh water lakes where we live. There are few options for live bait.  So, you have to catch your own.
We arrive at the lake before dawn to catch live bait. This is the best time to catch live bait. Using a bait cast net and a green fishing light. Green fishing lights attract both game and bait fish better than any other color of light. We normally use a 4ft. long boat fishing light. You just connect it to a battery and tie the cord off on the boat. Lower it into the water and wait a few minutes and you have all of the live bait you need. Why We Love Green Fishing Lights (And You Should Too!).

   Fishing Lights are available in three primary colors: White, Green and Blue. And which color is better? Anglers has spent years studying how lights attract fish. And discovered white and green wavelengths of light are most attractive to plankton. Plankton is a primary food of many bait fish, so when plankton gather in the lighted portion of the water, bait fish move in to enjoy the banquet. The bait fish in turn attract game fish looking for an easy meal.

   If you go night fishing, you'll not only need lights to see by, but Fishing Lights that draw fish close to your boat or dock. Fishing Lights work by attracting tiny animals called plankton, which attract bait fish such as shad, herring and minnows, which in turn attract predator game fish such as bass, crappie, walleye, red fish, speckled trout and other species. Game fish gather near or in the circle of light to feed.

   Plankton migrate to light for reproduction. Green Fishing Lights has the best ability to cause this to happen. White works, too, but white light is absorbed very quickly in water. It doesn't penetrate very deep so it's less effective than green, which maintains its color character at much greater depths. This fact is common knowledge now among anglers. Green Fishing Lights have quickly become the fishing light of choice.

   Blue Fishing Lights like green has a greater distance of effective area. But for some reason, Blue Fishing Lights work in saltwater but won't attract bait fish in freshwater. For example, when we dropped a blue light in a freshwater lake, Blue back Herring wouldn't come to it. But the green light was very attractive to these bait fish.
   White Fishing Lights are still available and still effective to some extent, but not as effective as green. So, when you have a choice, purchasing Green Fishing Lights probably is the best option. And if you still have White Fishing Lights you use, adding one or more green lights will increase the effectiveness of your illumination efforts.

   There are three primary types of fishing lights are Submersible Boat Fishing Light, Dock Mounted Lights and Fishing Flood Lights Dock Mounted Lights and Fishing Flood Lights are used for night fishing. Green Fishing Flood Lights and Submersible boat fishing lights are used to attract bait fish and can be used separately or in combination. While also providing more above the water lighting tying knots, hooking bait and unhooking fish. Fishing Lights that can be submerged were developed that slide beneath the surface and light up the depths. Battery-powered, 12-volt, LED and fluorescent models are available, with white, green or blue lights. Great for Crappie, Flounder Shrimp, Speckled Trout, Walleye, Tuna, White Bass, Lobster, Red Fish, Squid and more.

   In recent years, fishing lights with more energy-efficient LED or fluorescent illumination have become widely available. The best has long, safely insulated cords. Fishing Lights in different colors for anglers everywhere have now become common accessories for many different types of fishing. Fresh or Saltwater, Recreational, Sport or just catching live bait using a fishing light can up your game. This is Why We Love Green Fishing Lights (And You Should Too!). Choosing a color depends on what you are fishing for. So, Click Here for more information.
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