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Boat Fishing Lights
Boat Fishing Lights
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Our Boat Fishing Light Model all feature high quality Leds designed to maximize light output and energy efficiency. The design of these lights make using them simple and effective. The Leds are placed on three sides to give a solid 360 degree area of light. The lights are heavy enough to submerge on their on so you just tie the cord to the boat when it is submerged to the desired depth. We coat the Leds with a hard coat of epoxy to protect them from those accidental bumps, drops and rolling around in the boat. This hard coating makes your Boat Fishing Light virtually unbreakable.

   We offer 3 sizes of our Off The Boat Models, a one foot long model HG354 a two foot model HG3108 and a four foot model HG3216. All models utilize the same high output leds. The only difference is the length and the number of leds per light. Generally, the HG354 1' model, is used for smaller boats, kayaks and for shallow water fishing. The other two models are preferred for larger boats and deeper water fishing. The HG3108 ( 2') model is perfect for lakes, streams and even saltwater fishing. The longer HG3216 4' model is preferred for deep water fishing and ocean. Below are some specifications on each model so you can select the best model suited for your technique, species and water depth. Contact Us for more information.
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