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  1. In the late 1990's my family and I move to the Jackson Lake area. Purchasing a home and property not far from the lake. This was just perfect for us. Sharing a love for fishing and the great outdoors. Bringing with us our first boat. We soon settle into our new home and began thinking of going fishing on Jackson Lake. We discovered a number of boat docks in the area where we could launch our boat.

    Jackson Lake is a beautiful fresh water man made lake with a lot to offer not just fishing and boating but, to enjoy the great outdoors.

  2. Fishing Waders Pro has created a New Links To Share Page On Our Blog.

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    Be sure to check back often. Because we will be updated our list often. If you have a useful link you would like to share with us to add to our list. Please fill out the contact form and we will consider adding your link.

  3. The brief Georgia winter provides a great opportunity to get excellent results for crappie fishing, and several reservoirs across the state offer rewards for anglers willing to brave the bitter cold temperatures.

    “Crappie fishing brings a lot of action, which means it is an excellent time to engage the entire family or to introduce someone new to the fun aspect of the sport,” said John Biagi, chief of fisheries management for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division.

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